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Starting the New Year with Self-Compassionate & S.M.A.R.T Intentions – Summer Wellbeing

The New Year is often a time of year that comes with a sense of focus on our personal wellbeing. We at the Well@Work team really encourage you to look through the website we have developed to see if any of the material sparks your wellbeing curiosity and journey. We have so much in store for the coming year. Thinking of the year ahead it can be a poignant time to re-new and re-set wellbeing journey. With the beautiful, long balmy (ok so maybe just HOT up north!) summer days, we have every opportunity to soak in the evening sunsets, walk the beaches, see friends, head to the outdoor cinemas, marinate anything for a BBQ, climb the mountains, relax with books, head to our favourite picnic spot and eat all the glorious summer salads one can! Aren’t we living in a glorious place on Earth?

A New Year is always so full of possibility and potential. However New Year’s resolutions usually written from a sense of ‘lack’ and can be unrealistic and punishing. Often it is the same few things rehashed every year, with no changes being made. Here are a few tips to make intentions in a way that is nourishing. Dreams and choices, inspired by self-compassion are more likely to yield true contentment than those motivated by self-criticism. While some are a bit sceptical of a kindness orientated approach, I have experienced that if you are able to align yourself with your purpose and values, these intentions are more likely to create changes. Self-compassion can include discipline and persistence!

If you are interested in some activities that cultivate self-compassion you could try here

So this year, you may feel drawn to adapt New Year’s resolutions into Self-Compassionate Intentions. Here are a few examples I have written below that speak to the difference in approach.

  • Lose 5 kgs  I love my body as it is right now. I will nourish it with nutritious food, following the healthy food pyramid. I will enjoy regular movement and activities.
  • To run 4 times per week or attend 3 gym classes each week – I am grateful for the ability I have to move my body in a variety of ways. I will move in ways that bring me joy and challenges and excitement.
  • To save $500 each month – I choose to live within my means and make the choices to spend money wisely, based on my values and from a place of already having enough.  Saving money is a worthwhile task as it ensures my longer term security.

Once you have written your Self-Compassionate Intentions out, you could think about further breaking these down into S.M.A.R.T goals and in this way you are more able to measure and celebrate your successes.

Using a SMART approach we can set ourselves up for success.

S – Specific

M– Measureable (how do I know I have achieved this)

A – Achievable (can you do this)

R– Realistic (can we actually stick to the plan)

T – Timed (when do you want to reach this goal)

Visit here for more information about making your intentions S.M.A.R.T

We look forward to hearing some of your New Year’s Resolutions, Self-Compassionate Intentions and SMART Goals. Of course, we look forward to hearing about your successes and your learnings.

Yours in wellbeing

Katie Carter & the Well@Work team

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