Father Mark’s Easter Reflection – 18 April 2019

In my part of the Church Easter really begins on Thursday, continues on Good Friday and peaks on Easter Sunday.

Contained within all of that we have love, sacrifice, betrayal, agony, bitter loss, amazing fidelity and surprising (and unsettling) joy.

It’s a bit like the whole of human life rolled into one commemoration.

What is so useful for me in all of this is that it reminds me to attend to what is really important. To look past all the trivialities of my day to day and focus on what brings life and joy into the world.

If I take the Easter break seriously it means

  • Attempting to rebuild a broken relationship;
  • Showing kindness to someone I don’t know well;
  • Doing something for another without hope of recognition or reward;
  • Party with those I love to be with (and some I don’t).

I hope that you can all take the chance to do some (or all!) of the above as you take your much deserved break this Easter. We do work in the difficult spaces and renewal and re-creation are so important.

Easter joy and every blessing,

Fr Mark

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